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How to Choose Right Bra for Your Body Type?

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Are you having troubles choosing the right bra for your body type? Well, you could use some support. Every woman has a different body type. You may be a pear or an hourglass or even an apple shaped woman. There are different breast types. Choosing the right bra thus becomes very important. There are bras available for each and every type of body type. You just need to figure out what body type you are and leave rest on us. We will help you choose the right bra as per your body type. Here are the different body types with the right bra for each body type:

Apple Body Type

apple body type

If you have firm breasts and they are round, then you are an apple shaped woman. An apple shaped body has a fuller midsection and slim thighs. Well, there is good news for you. You are lucky if you are an apple because you can wear almost all type of bras including stick on bra. The bra for this body type comes in small cup sizes as well as large cup sizes.

Which bra type is the best fit for you?

The professionals suggest a seductive balconette for apple shaped body. This is because your breasts will fill the cups smooth and nice. Also, you can flaunt your curves at the top. If you have a small busted figure, then a balconette bra or a push-up bra will suit you perfectly. The balconette bra is different from the regular bras because its upper line is somewhat lower and more horizontal than a regular bra.

Pear Shaped Body

pear body type

Do you have the breasts that are flat at the top and much rounder at the bottom? If so, then you are a pear. Your body shape comes in both small cup sizes and large cup sizes. You get this shape usually after pregnancy or after losing weight. Well, you need a bra that gives you enough support. The bra should be higher on the breasts. You need a bra that lifts your breasts and ensures that the volume is spread around more so that your breasts look fuller.

Which bra type is the best fit for you?

The women with a pear shaped body usually have less bust area. Don’t worry about it. It is very easy to give your breasts a fuller look. You can give yourself a boost with the help of a balconette bra, push-up bras, and padded bras. The padded bra will not only make you feel endowed in the chest area, but it will also give you a more defined waist and a proper mid-section. This will make you feel confident about yourself.

Hourglass Shaped Body

hourglass shaped body

If your breasts are round and, you have an attractive cleavage. Hands down, you are an hourglass. It is the most desired body type. Trust me, a lot of women envy you if you have an hourglass body shape. Your breasts can make anyone go crazy. Although, a lot of women dream to have this type of body shape this shape is not that common. Less than 10% of women have an hourglass shaped body. We talked about the perks of this body type. But everything good comes with downsides. You need good support, wide shoulder straps, and firm elastic wings at the back. Embrace your body type but make sure you choose the right bra for you.

Which bra type is the best fit for you?

Most of the hourglass women want to cover up their ample breast as they are large at the top and that could be embarrassing sometimes. Many of them try to squeeze into bras with a smaller cup size in the hope that it would reduce the emphasis on the bust area. Trust me that would be a lame choice. The classic underwired bra is the best fit for you. So, make a wise choice and do not assume that a smaller cup size would shift the focus off of the bust area. It will only make things worse.

Boyish Shaped Body

boyish figure

Do you have smaller breasts and a tiny cup size? If yes, then you are a “BOYISH” shaped woman. The boyish shaped woman has tiny breasts. They have a very little breast area. Are you worried? Well, don’t be. You can overcome this quite easily. Giving yourself a boost with the right bra will compensate for your smaller breast area. Bras for boyish shaped ladies can visually increase their breasts, hips, and bottom at the same time.

Which bra type is the best fit for you?

Now that you are a boyish shaped woman go for a sensual push-up. There are a lot of push-up styles for every breast type. It would be better to go for removable pads or a bra which has gradual thickening of the foam in the cups. That way you can even have a cleavage too.

The Inverted Triangle Body Shape

inverted triangle body

If your shoulders are broad, a slender figure, long legs and big boobs, then you have an inverted triangle body shape. This body shape is sometimes called a lollipop. It is also a good body shape but being able to dress in a modest manner can be quite tricky. You should focus on emphasising your shoulders, and that would shift the focus from your bust area. When you have broad shoulders and fuller breasts, you need a bra that provides ample support but still looks flirty and fun.

Which bra type is the best fit for you?

You can choose the lingerie you like. But be sure with embellished and thin bra straps as they will only magnify your shoulders. Go for medium straps and lift your breasts with bras that provide you with a very good support. Always have a well fitted plunged bra. The halters are your best friends. The lines draw the eye towards the shoulders. It also balances clavicle to pelvic bone ratio. Do remember to go for the thicker straps.
I hope you’ll find the right bra for your body type. All the best.

The Importance of Marriage Counseling


Marriage counselling is a type of psychotherapy, also referred to as couple’s therapy. This procedure greatly aids in recognising and resolving all kinds of conflicts that a couple undergoes. Through the series of therapy sessions conducted by a certified psychologist, you can make a proper discernment on the appropriate action that you should take towards your marriage. You can make contemplative decisions about fixing your marriage or taking your separate ways, which could be healthier and beneficial to you both.

5 Reasons to Seek For Marriage Counseling

1. When your communication has become worse – Communication is a vital factor in marriage. When your communication starts to decline, and you have more arguments and disagreements than a normal conversation, it is a significant mark for you to seek for marriage counselling. Negative communication can lead a relationship to nowhere. It can make a partner feeling disregarded and unimportant. Hence, depression and insecurities begin to cloud over, which further makes the partner pull out from the conversation. You should remember that negative communication does not only come about with the words you say but the tone of your voice on how you say things. This is also involved emotional or physical abuse, and the nonverbal communication.

sad couple

2. When the partner starts to enact on negative feelings – No matter how you try to hide it whatever you feel inside. It will always come out and affect your actions one way or the other. Even if you are good at hiding your feelings, but the pain of resentment and disappointment will compel to surface eventually. Sometimes these negative feelings will result in harmful behaviours, causing the partner to hurt the other partner in the process. A professional therapist can help you sort out your negative feelings. He/she can help you find a solution for those feelings as well.

3. When you feel like less of a married couple – When you feel like more of a housemate than a married couple, this may be an indication that you need to seek for marriage counselling. This kind of feeling might be brought by the busy work schedules that you both have, which gives you less time to be together. You should talk to a licensed therapist to help you out rekindle that flame.

4. When the reason for you to stay together is for your children’s sake – The children today are extremely observant and intelligent. They will understand exactly what is going on even if you try to hide it. In the recent study, children who are in this kind of situation, often result to less motivated in school. It would greatly help to reach out to an authorised therapist regarding your issue.

staring out of window

5. When both or either of you is having an affair – Infidelity is one of the biggest problems in the marriage. It is the deal breaker of marriage. It is hard to recover after knowing that your partner is having an affair. It is possible, though, to work on it if both of you have a strong will to work on your marriage. Keep in mind that it takes a lot of work. You should be committed and willing to forgive what has been done and move forward together. A licensed therapist can help you out through marriage counselling. If you are both committed to the marriage counselling, you might still be able to salvage your marriage. The therapist will be able to help you to decide, which is healthier for you both.

The Importance of a Psychologist

In conclusion, it is important for us to visit a psychologist to help us assess the things that confused us. A psychologist can help us in properly discerning things that seem too complicated for us to handle. When we do not know how to resolve an issue or a problem that is severely affecting us, we could seek the help of a psychologist to sort and fix things out.