At Big Fish Your Pond
we believe in:

  • Nurturing excellence
  • Connecting new clients to your business
  • Creating the complete event experience
  • Taking you beyond your imagination 

Welcome to Big Fish Your Pond

Since our inception BFYP has grown each year, we have learned each year and we have created some great outcomes for many clients - private, corporate and also in the sports and entertainment industry.

2011 however is going to be a year like no other for BFYP. We have a new vision to grow and a commitment to being more active in the market place to ensure that our skills and experience makes a difference to more businesses. In order to do that we have made our services easier to understand.

Remember if you can dream it, you can achieved it, if you are struggling with the creative imagination, then all you need to do is contact the team at BFYP, you won't be disappointed!

Some of our clients